Senator Bernhardt was the man who, in 1844, originally had the idea of building a Summer public house “by the mill” and calling it the “Weser Pavilion”. The “Weser Pavilion” became a meeting point for the citizens of Nienburg, as well as a popular destination for day-trippers from both Hannover and Bremen. By the end of that century, August Meyer had decided to erect a new building to plans drawn up by a renowned architect of the time, Professor Böhm.

In a letter to the municipal authorities, August Meyer requested planning permission, as well as a loan of 12,000 Reichsmark from the municipal treasury or the mutual savings bank. Two years later, the reborn “Weser Pavilion” opened its doors for business. After the First World War, French-sounding names were frowned upon and the “Weser Pavilion” became the “Weserschloesschen” (Schloesschen meaning a small palace). The “Weserschloesschen” was renowned far and wide, so much so that strangers often knew nothing about the town of Nienburg on the Weser and its various merits, but they did know the “Weserschloesschen”.

With this website we would like to build on this renown and increase public awareness of our hotel even further. Its prime location and fascinating view over the rolling Meerbach tributary are key factors contributing to your rest and recuperation. We shall additionally endeavour to meet your high standards at all times, with particular emphasis on tradition and hospitality from the heart.